Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Decided to Pardon Sanjana Hattotuwa, CPA, FMM, and

Dear Sanjana, CPA, FMM, and,

For all the pain you took to spoil our war against terror; I must tell you “Sorry! You have failed”. I will not tell you “try harder next time”. Because there is no “next time” this time. The game is over, and LTTE is clean swept. There won't be any more necessity for “peace talks” for you to facilitate. We have reached peace; but not through the way you wanted to get at it. It's not a half baked peace like we celebrated in 2002. This time it's real; because the “man eater” is dead with all his supporters.

I will not bother you anymore with hard questions. I am not angry with you, for not answering any of these questions. I can understand the difficult situation you faced, after seing those questions. Now that the Prabhakaran is dead, and Ealam is no more is an option for sure; there's no need for any of you to answer my questions. I will not even ask you “Aren't you ashamed of earning money from your international donors, by selling the people of your motherland?”. No.. I don't need an answer for that question either.

Sanjana, haven't I told you once, that we don't share a “personal vision” of bringing peace to this country? I've told you, my personal vision is that, but yours was more of a business vision. Now it's been achieved I'm happy. But you seems to be still not happy! Why? Your GV still deliver hate speech at the President and the armed forces. What's wrong? Why are you acting like a mosquito coil manufacturer, who heard the news of total extinction of mosquitoes? (When after all the supposed vision of a mosquito coil is to get rid of mosquitoes)

I feel sorry about your job security. Your best selling product; WAR is out of stock now. It's a basic concept in marketing. Without a problem, how are you suppose to sell a solution? Without war, how can you sell peace? I'm sure you will be able to find different products to sell, but any of those won't be hot selling among your international donors, like the war did.

Prabhakaran's death has showed us an undeniable truth. That is; no matter how hard you try, the spirit of the people of this country cannot be stopped now. You will continue insulting our heroes; delivering hate speech about our forces, and about the president. But you will not get a chance of turning us back! If, at least a handful of people trusted you and listened to you; I'm sure they will also turn their backside to you in a matter of just few months. I challenge you, there will be no to celebrate the first anniversary of end of civil war, unless you drastically change yourself by introducing more new contributors like Lalith Gunarathne and Dayan Jayathilake. If Sanjana Hattotuwa, Sunanda Deshapriya, Uvindu Kurukulasooriya and CPA clan continue to write on your site, you will be gone in a matter of just two more months. May be thanks to people like Dayan and Lalith; you will be able to survive a bit longer . But not for so longer. Yes this is a challenge!

Before I leave you with my pardon; let me make just one insult to you. I've designed the book cover for your next publication. Remember the book you've published through me about an year ago? Now here's the latest book. This is in response to this.

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Acromantula said...


shehal said...

military battle is over; propaganda war is still on.

they have already managed to convince a bunch of EU jokers in pressing war crimes charges on us.

thus, it would be foolish to assume that the LTTE is gone!

sunanguwa said...

When it rains, it pours.
A lot "bests” in quick succession.......

We heard the best news a couple of days back: Defeating the LTTE terrorism completely from SL with the elimination of the entire "man eating Co"

We heard the best speech by a Sri Lankan politician-The president’s address to the nation after defeating the terrorism

We see the best post in Kottu that has ever been published.

Keep it up sir this is the way to go!

මිගාර said...

Very good response. Keep it up.

tinker said...

hey VIC.,better late than never.. I'm so happy to read your comments and reasons for pardon to Sanjana Fart-totuwa... i guess he may have shitted on his pants few times over, provided if he had the balls to read your post..
good work man, great post,great blog.

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