Friday, March 13, 2009

Best of Luck Mr. Ajith P Perera! Keep Moderating My Comments until You Finish your PC Poll Campaign

I wrote this post on my blog as a response to Ajith Perera's blog post titled "Only Tamils are terrorists; not Pakistanis?" on Wednsday 11th March. Then I left a comment on his blog post, refering to my reply post. I mentioned in my note that, "this post is now congested with comments by many other readers, so I decided to leave my comment as a new post on my own blog". Then I invited Mr. Ajith P Perera, to leave any responses on my blog post (if necasary). For my surprise, the comment wasn't published on Ajith's blog. Then I tried again. Wordpress said "Whoops! Looks like you've already said that". Meaning, my comment was saved in the WP database, but wasn't published on Ajith's blog.

Earlier I have posted a comment on Ajith's blog post about S B Dissanayake, and it was published properly. Liberal Lanka replied to my comment on Ajith's blog a little while later. 

Voice in Colombo said
March 11, 2009 at 7:37 am
The hard core UNP’ers will never let SB to be the party leader. If at all there’s any hope for the UNP; that got to be Sajith. But then again, he’s being cornered to a desert district.
Why UNP never appoint newly popular characters to Colombo district? Why Karu was moved to Gampaha district, where as he started his political career from Colombo MC? Why Milinda Moragoda had to leave UNP?
And who is this new funny “Ruwan Wijewardene” pushed so hard by the UNP, for upcoming Western provincial council?
Ajith! I know you love your party. My father did love it too. He never voted any other party, ever since independence. he voted Ranil in last presidential election. But you know what? He now regrets for voting Ranil, against Mahinda. No matter how much you dislike to believe, that’s the common mentality of most of the long standing UNP supporters. You people blame SLFP to be dominated by Rajapakshe’s. But undeneath the radar, there’s a “Wijewardene” saga going inside the UNP. Innocent voters doesn’t see this. The party is dominated by only a certain family blocks. They won’t let some one from common public to climb into the leadership. Not SB. Nor Sajith.
It’ll be “Wijewardene” family tree all alone for ever!!!
BTW, we must congratulate SLFP’ers for “liberating” it from Bandaranayake’s. Now Ajith, it’s your turn to liberate UNP from Wijewardene’s.

Liberal Lanka said
March 11, 2009 at 12:03 pm
So you seem to be tired of Ranil as well don’t you? can’t blame you.I agree Ranil is not marketable anymore. Sri Lanka doesn’t deserve someone like Ranil, what it deserves is crooks in the caliber of JR, RP and MR.
As for sajith, he chose Hambantota no one pushed him there, it is always easier to fool the rural folk.
Milinda had to leave because of the COPE report.
Whats is so good about Bandaranayakes been replaced by Rajapakshes? Why can’t we get rid of these family politics?
As for Ruwan I agree, Ranil is trying to bring in him and it is sad.

Then I went and posted a reply to Liberal Lanka on the same post. Surprise! The comment doesn't appear on Ajith's blog!!!

Looks like Ajith is really "not dare to be different". What he is doing is just what would any other cheap politician would do. Simply "turning off" opposing voices. That's what his party leader is doing. And the funny thing is, people like Ajith are talking about freedom of speech and threat to that freedom by Mahinda Rajapakshe government! Ajith P Perera is not alone. The so called guardians of freedom of speech; Groundviews does this. Dinindu De Alwis does this! (We must appreciate Indi's policy in this regards. He never moderate comments. Instead he simply ignore tough comments)

Is this what you are going to do, if you manage to bring a UNP government to power, Mr. Ajith P Perera? Wish you all the best for upcoming PC polls.

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bandaragama said...

Anyone is free to have his/her political opinion, of course it is no secret that VIC is a strong SLFP supporter, but this kind of personal mudslinging and falsehoods are simply pathetic.

I do not log into Internet these days often so there is no other option I have than keeping the blog moderated to prevent anyone posting rubbish and filth. (And they will be there for days if I cannot watch.) If VIC has an alternate solution, I am ready to listen.

Having said that I have always allowed VICs posts in my blog. Have not blocked even a single one. So if he says I did it is a falsehood.

Why should I stop people commenting my site? As any blogger I want more people to visit. Then why should I block dialog?

Of course, I might not be able to answer all questions, with a hectic schedule. All I can do is to take few issues together time to time. That is all what I can practically afford right now.

Again I am sad people fall into this low attacking those who don't endorse their political views.

Ajith P. Perera

Voice in Colombo said...

A good response Mr.Ajith! A typical politicians one :-)

Your comment reminds me those responses given by government ministers, when asked "difficult questions" by opposition MP's.

1) First, say "It's false"
2) Then, say "It's mud slinging"
3) Next say "There are no facts to prove it"

This is how politicians response to difficult situations, where they are embaressed by their own acts :-)

About your comment of "VIC is a strong SLFP supporter", I'd like you to re-correct it as "VIC is a strong government supporter". I don't care which party is in office. I support the present government, for their "right approach to solve the most serious problem this country is facing". If that "right approach" was taken by a UNP government, I would support them as well. I am not the person who first see the party label, and then judge some thing is "right" or "wrong". I first look at the "thing" and come to my judgement of "right" or "wrong". For you people who are trapped inside "party politics", you always see people as "SLFP supporters and UNP supporters". After all, that's your universe. You are politicians!

I have no questioning about your right to keep your blog moderated. But, I don't agree that you haven't deleted my comments on "Only Tamils are terrorists?" post. More than that, you have changed my user name to "Anonymous", and then published it in this comment which I made on your blog.

I have my user name, email, and URL auto filled in my browser for all the blogs. So there's no reason for me to change my user name to "Anonymous" and publish it on your blog.

You know what? Rules of blogging is very different than in politics. It's very hard to cover up once you make a mistake.

Anonymous said...

hello mr fuckin voice of colombo. And how u doin my dear asshole dwarf ? u have ur balls intact still ? i thought u must have lost them while fleeing from the terror strife land of LTTE.

they left u with ur balls to go around hogging with ur bullshit comments. U still sane? i thought u have gone cranky and deserve being shut down in Iraq or Afghanistan or better send u to Swat area with better Talibanis...

Voice of colombouddin wud be ur new name from may be some bandaranayke or bandaradisilva (bandara is Monkey in Hindi)...

Anonymous said...

aur bhosadike lodu, apni chudi hui gand leke mat aana bhenchod!!

Voice in Colombo said...

While I have a "christal clear idea" of who the fucking retard you are; and where the fucked up hell you are from; I will still call you "Anonymous". Because you were so fucking timid (Like the Army of your country) to use your true profile to post a comment here, and coveredd under "Anonymous" option. Oh! Indians are well known for "covert" missions!! I forgot that. (Or shall I call you "Dear Slum Dog" as most parts of the world recognize you guys these days?).

It is hillarious that you simply generalize anybody who use the phrase "for Allah's sake" as a muslim. I used the phrase, because it was an Islamic relegious festival. I respect Muslims, because they are at least sensible enough not to worship stray cows. They eat cows!

Keep your "Anti-Muslim" sentiments to your fucked up country, and just talk about "what you know best".

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