Friday, January 02, 2009

Blast in Colombo - Airforce Headquarters

A massive blast heard in Colombo. unconfirmed reports says a suicide LTTE attack near Airforce Headquarters (Near Trans Asia Hotel)

A suicide blast occurred opposite the Sri Lanka Air force office near Trans Asia Hotel in Colombo a while ago. Several have been injured, says SLAF spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara. - Update Via Ada Derana

Colombo National Hospital is receiving casualties of the suicide blast near Trans Asia Hotel / Airforce Headquarters

More than 30 people admitted to the Colombo National Hospital. A supporter of the suicide bomber said to be captured by the public around (unconfirmed)

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sittingnut said...
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sittingnut said...

i dont think it is right to call it a massive blast . pics on tv indicate it was fairly small. there is not even much damage to surface of the road where it exploded outside airforce headquarters( probably after being detected)

as for ltte terrorists, they will explode bombs, in the same way that serial killers kill, even when they are reduced to handful. they and their actions should be treated just like other killers. nothing more . that is they should not be given any political weight whatsoever

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