Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Location of the Bomb Blast

This is the exact location of today's bomb blast. Opposite DSI headquarter and Nippon Hotel

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youidiot said...

u wanna know who did this? It is Maheshwaran..

ltte do not do this kind of things.. they do not kill sinhalese people.. that's all Ranil can see.. no wonder why his wife don't sleep with him.. i know.. now you wonder how the fcuk i know that.. yea bro.. guess how??

so bro.. let's give him a chance and say that we idiots believe what UNP that is Ranil, is saying..

now we fcuking assholes all know that govt will never go and kill sinhalese.. i do not think mahinda will get any fcuking kick by doing that..

therefore, i conclude..the one and only remaining suspect.. T Maheshwaran is the culprit.. if not who? Mervin? nah.. i do not think he has his balls left to do this..oh..poor bugger..

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