Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who’s Going to be Next Minister in Mahinda’s Cabinet? SMS Your Answer Now!

Daily updates on Colombo Stock Exchange Indices, and foreign exchange rates on TV news bulletins are soon to be accompanied by two more “daily” indices.

“Today’s Balance Sheet in Parliament” and “Daily Count of Ministers”. (Now who is going to sponsor these spots on TV?)

JHU National list MP, Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha gave way to it’s “Gihi” advocate, Patali Champika Ranawaka to have a seat in Parliament, and sworn in as the new minister of environmental affairs.

With this, the count of Cabinet ministers went up to 53 as at 1st February 2007.

In addition, the JHU’s decision to support MR in the parliament, made another seating arrangement change in the house. Now the government has a 121 majority in the parliament, against 103 in the opposition. Without a doubt, this is the strongest government (with respect to number of seats in parliament) in Sri Lanka, after JR’s triumph in 1977 GE.

MR’s horoscope seems to be at its pinnacle of strengths these days. Nevertheless, I am doubtful about my horoscope when thinking about maintaining 100 odd cabinet & non cabinet ministers from my Tax money!!!

Well, some analytics says it’s just a simple “jump over politics” by few selfish politicians who’s eager of personal benefits. This explanation is common among the high ranked JVP supporters, as well as high ranked Ranil fans these days.

But if you put aside, your political orientation, and ask your self why the deputy leader of the UNP, the second highest vote taker from Colombo; Milinda M, and renowned gentleman UNP politicians like Hemakumara Nana, and Lakshman Yapa are among the jumping frogs this time, you should realize that this time it’s not a simple jump over on personal benefits. What personal benefit could a millionaire like Milinda M, can gain by shifting parties?

If any one to be blamed about this political drama, it should be none other than the “Powder Baby” Ranil W, and no one else. It is his egoistic, monopolistic approach of giving the leadership to the 60 years old party, which ruined the same party in no time.

Whether you like to hear it or not, Mahinda is a born winner. Ranil is a born looser. In 59 years of parliament politics, Mahinda managed to get the support of the major opposition party to vote for a budget. JR couldn’t do it, Premadasa couldn’t, DB and CBK were never close getting there. But MR did it. That’s why I say he’s a winner. And not only that, every thing MR touch these days seems to be turning into cabinet ministers gold. Power balance in the parliament, the military victories in the East, the donors summit in Galle, (I see very little blog entries by our blogosphere on these topics) are name to few. Economy is not moving forward like in China or Malaysia, but at least we could be happy that it’s better managed than in the era of CBK. There are thousand and one shortcomings I know. But, remember this is Sri Lanka. It took 58 years for our politicians to ruine this country after independence. And don’t expect MR or any magician to turn it back in one week or one year or one decade.

As sittingnut asked in one of his posts, “Are the people in East better off than in last year?”

In this post, he’s cleverly explaining the reality that most NGO dollar suckers are reluctant to write about. And in my this blog post, I like to ask the readers “Are the Sri Lankans better off this year than a year ago?”


Go ahead and label me as a “War monger” a “mahinda catcher” or what ever you wish ;-)

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