Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sirasa News First: The Voice of Tigers

I was watching last night 7.00 pm Sirasa News First news cast, and noticed the following story (Which was a main headline of most of the online news sources, during the day). Since, it was the Sinhala news cast, I'd try to translate what I hear into English.

"Sri Lanka Airforce bomb a group of school girls"
"Reuters news agency reported today that Sri Lanka Airforce has laid bombs from air, to a group of school girls in [village name]. About 43 girls were dead, while 60 were injured. According to Reuters, they were attending first aids classed during that time"

Now, this was their top story for the day, and they directly accuse Sri Lanka Air force for the incident, based on a Reuters report; not even based on a report from their own news first reporter. And in the report, they (News first) NEVER mentioned this report was based on a statement released by LTTE or, was extracted from Tamilnet. They were confidently saying the news item was taken from Reuters.

Now lets turn to the original Reuters report what they were referring to. That, Reuters report was located here, but when I checked it this morning, only the title and the first line was there. The body description of the news report was removed from the original Reuters site.

Anyways, let's look at the Reuters original headline, on the above link.

Mon 14 Aug 2006 12:37 AM ET
© Reuters 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Now, what do we have here! Reuters is CLEARLY stating the news report is based on statements by LTTE spokesman. "TAMIL TIGER REBELS SAY......"

And if my memory is correct, they (Reuters) were saying the news was extracted from tamilnet, and the government has denied the charges.

But, where was the "TAMIL TIGER REBELS SAY......" part on Sirasa news first?
They have purposely omitted that part and reported this as an original report of Reuters. Because, they know people believe what Reuters say, than what tamilnet or Sirasa News first say. Is this responsible media handling?

To explain things further, take a look at the BBC report on the same news item. BBC, said to be a pro-LTTE international media institute according to many analysts. But, even BBC reports this story as "Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels have accused .....". But, for Sirasa TV, it's very hard to say "LTTE says...." with regard to this news item.

In this post on Sachini Perera's blog, she has posted comment like this. I completely agree with it.

"Go to Google News and type Sri Lanka. There are so many web sites with this story and their only source is Tamilnet. This incident has already gained more than enough international publicity.

I hope the correct facts can be found soon. Whatever the truth may be, I feel sorry for these girls.

By sach, at 7:16 PM"

And adding to that, I would say "Sirasa News First" is giving national publicity for this story.

Isn't it clear enough? Whom actually Sirasa News first is protecting?

And, on the other hand if we look at how Sirasa News first report news items regarding LTTE attacks on Sri Lanka forces;take below examples.

"Media Center for National Security says, LTTE fired mortars on front defence line of Nagar Kovil Jafna"

Now, if they can use the term "Media Center for National Security says..." with news items regard to statements from that source, why can't (don't) they do the same for news items from LTTE sources?

And, another funny way of reporting by Sirasa News first;

"There have been mortars attacks to a STF camp in Baticalo this morning"

But, in the whole news story, they don't say a word about "who fired mortars"! They purposely omit "LTTE fired mortars at the STF camp". OK fine! That's there way of reporting. Then why the heck they say "Sri Lanka Airforce bomb this 7 that...." on some other news reports???

I have highlighted about how biased Sirasa News first towards terrorists, sometime back. But things are worse now. Now, they are actively supporting the propaganda war of tiger terrorists.

Some one might say "Sirasa is Pro-UNP, so they try to hurt the government". I raised the same argument about Prof Jayadeva Uyangoda on sittingnuts blog. But, sittingnut correctly said, "some one can be anit-Mahinda, but anti-LTTE as well"

Same thing apply to Sirasa TV. Even TNL is a TV channel labeled as pro-UNP. But, I haven't seen a single news item on TNL news, supporting the tigers or praising them. TNL is pro-UNP, but anti-LTTE I would say. But, what's up with Sirasa? They are clearly acting as the national propaganda mechanism for LTTE, while tamilnet & BBC do the international job.

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None of the other Sri Lankan TV channels reported this news like this. They clearly stated the news report is based on Tamilnet, and they clearly stated, "LTTE says....".
This include news on Rupavahini & ITN (of course) and, Swarnavahini, TNL, TV Lanka, & Derana. What's wrong with Sirasa then?

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sach said...

I also watched Sirasa 7'o clock news and I agree with you. And the biggest problem I have with them is why they sourced the news to Reuters. On one hand, Reuters did NOT confirm the reports, they specifically said "the LTTE said". They showed that the news was one sided and that there were no Reuters reporters or Reuters witnesses involved. But Sirasa reported it as confirmed.

On the other hand, why couldn't Sirasa get the news from the LTTE themselves without resorting to Reuters? Even as students we have often contacted the LTTE so I see no reason as to why Sirasa couldn't do that.


Sam said...

It looks like journalism and professional wrestling have nothing much deferent. We all know it is full of fake – bit it is entertaining and exciting.

Anonymous said...

But what happended is true. The Air Force did bomb and kill innocent school children and we are here talking about Sirasa News.

The Sinhalese man is becoming more biased.

The GOSL is killing innocent people in the north pls find a way of stopping that and also to stop the LTTE from killing people in the south.

We have to stop the blame game now.

We are playing into the hands of the politicians

Anonymous said...

Stop supporting terrorism! , If they use school girls to fight they are terrorists.. Cant help it! They will run a female terror camp and say it’s a school.. Who needs this shit???

sittingnut said...

current bbc report says
current bbc report says
International truce monitors and UN staff said they had found no evidence the site was used as a military base.
However, they were unable to verify the number of people killed.
They reported seeing the bodies of 19 people at a nearby hospital, most of them women around the age of 18.

when mtv interviewed the head of slmm (which was later published in tamil net ) he said the first part (military installation) . but did he say the later part ? or did mtv edit it out ?

Slim said...

government websites and most of sinhala websites are not utilize for goggle or any SEO. we need to have more Top Level Domain who can have good news can be call for goggle media bot.

Kapila said...

Sirasa always do this. Maharaja is one of the leading funders for LTTE, and they give their fullest support to tigers on their TV channels.

Now, Sirasa stopped calling people "Mr." (in english news) or "Mahatha" (in Sinhala news) as a response to the resistance from public, for calling some terrorists "Mahatha" (or Mr.) on their news programs.

They are shame less.

Sam said...

Hey anon. how can we stop “LTTE from killing people in the south?” That is the million dollar question I try to figure out! I even start to think recently, if LTTE stop killing, even it is alright if let LTTE control all the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Do you think that will helps?

buddi said...

I think those news readers have been brain washed to read stuff like that.. Chethana is getting fat and its make me thinking of buying a wide screen tv

Mr. Evil said...

Sirasa reports are bullshit.. someone should set fire to their advertisements that boast that they deliver the news. They seem to deliver a bunch of information that can get their ratings high. But then again like you said.. would it only be because of the ratings???

Just Mal said...

Don't be so daft.

Sirasa is owned by the Tamil Maharajah group which works very closesly with the LTTE. There's no such thing as independent journalism in corporate media.

Sirasa/Shakthi/MTV to LTTE is what Fox TV is to GOP or what Al Jazeera is to Hezbollah.

Voice_in_Colombo said...

Thanks for every one's comments. I won't be able to respond to each of your comments, but like to add some thoughts to many of your comments.

//On the other hand, why couldn't Sirasa get the news from the LTTE themselves without resorting to Reuters? \\

That's because, they know the people of Sri Lanka would not believe the story, if they source it to the LTTE or tamilnet. So, they purposely sourced the news to Reuters, to gain some credibility.

Anonymous @ 2.40pm,
Are you still believing what happened is true? If you watched yesterdays news, you would have learned what's the truth.

Kapila & Just Mal,

We all can see Sirasa is actively supporting tigers. But, do we have enough hard facts to prove they are linked to tigers? I guess up to now no one is having such hard proof. If some one could come up with such hard facts, we could force ministry of media to cancell their license. But, if we force MOM, to cancell Sirasa license, without proper proof of they are linked to terrorists (just based on our intuttion), then the so called free media people will start highlighting it as a more serious crime than suicide bombing!

Mr. Evil,

Those ratings are based on few "people meters" set by LMRB or SRL inside few big Colombo houses. So, the ratings are baised to a greater extent. If you move outside Colombo, and ask people which news chanel they mostly watch, they would say Rupavahini. But, mosr people don't trust Rupavahini either. People watch Rupavahini, and filter out the "government advertiestments" to get the real news. And, Swarnavahini is said to be a more credible news source. Unfortunately they dont have Tamil & English news.


Naughty, Naughty,! :-) Don't say that to Chethana. She's a good girl, I know. Employees of Sirasa are well managed by their HR division. They are so loyal to the company. That's not wrong from a coporate management point of view. But, as you said, they should have atleast one cell of un washed brain, to understand what's going on.

shammie.lk said...

We have to distroy N(S)IRASA News First

Anonymous said...

News, do you think the local news says the truth. Be it Sirasa, Swarnavahini whatever. The biggest liars are SLRC however.

However the bombardment is true. It may have been done by mistake though.

Do you know that the LTTE actually started because the Sinhala people were killing and raping innnocent tamils several decades ago.Tell me did the Sinhalese ever apologise for that. But now they have also become killing machines and have lost focus of why they started. But the only reason that the Sinhalese have some respect for the Tamils is because the the LTTE is so powerful.

The July 83 riots did you ever apologise for that. You sinhalese bastards killed several tamil people and raped mothers and daughters during the riots.

Do you fellows think that the LTTE that was not defeated after several decades of fighting can be beaten by some fucking buddhist monks calling themselves JHU and real mf called JVP.

Get rid of those fucking JHU & JVP first. Then this country will be at peace. However the LTTE and GOSL should stop this fighting immediately

Anonymous said...

From the news channels, if you want to hear some impartial reporting.. I think the best bet is swarnawahini. I've noticed that some of their stories are sometime a day old, but I guess if you can't verify a story its best to report it when verified, I'm assuming thats what swarnavahini is doing.

And for Sirasa News, well what can I say, you will be responsible for bringing news censorship back (just read that gov is considering it) with your LTTE mouthpiece desperatley trying to bring down the government. Chethana and the bunch should seriously consider leaving sirasa if they want to keep some of their fans. Otherwise you guys will also rot with sirasa.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that Tamil Net now says those children were following a 10-day course, not a 2-day course as initially told?

So, in the end, those who were killed were not School Children, but " Attendees of a 10-day residential course held by the LTTE".

These photos are from previous LTTE "courses".


While receiving training from the LTTE, these are "Teachers Force."
If SL Airforce bomb them, they instantly become " Innocent school teachers".
N(S)irasa would have proudly announced that SL Kfirs bombed "Innocent School Teachers"!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the subject of how true is the report, the subsequent single picture published by the LTTE show girls with trousers and short-cut hair.. hallmarks of LTTE cadres NOT CIVILIANS.

LTTE uses children, elderly, places of worship, more recently WATER as weapons/tactics, thats the truth. Otherwise how on earth a first aid training session is held in a LTTE camp?

A fundamental question should differentiate the truth from the lie, Who conducted this first aid sessions? Why can't they make a statement? No statement means that there is no such party.

Voice_in_Colombo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Voice_in_Colombo said...

Please note that my above reply is to Anonymous At 4:56 PM. When I was typing the comment, it was the last comment on this thread, and I adreesed as "Anonymous above this". But, now I realize, there's some other "Anonymous" comment just above my comment.

Anonymous At 4:56 PM,

I don't know whether you are the same Anonymous who keep on posting pro-LTTE comments on many of posts on this blog today. Since this is a fully democratic blog (unlike tamilnet, moju.lk or BBC have your say), any one have the right to express any idea without been moderated. Yes, you are allowed to call Buddhist monks, "fuckers". It will not insult, bruits monks. But, it will show the world the reality of people who support LTTE. Disrespect towards other ethnic groups, and religions. For people who killed dozens of Buddhist monks through out last 20 years, its not a big deal to call them "fuckers". But, make a clear statement that you do not represent the common Tamils of Sri Lanka. Because, I believe any reasonable common Sri Lankan Tamil will call a Buddhist monk a "fucker", unless they are real sick. So, don't insult your own race & religion, by insulting other religions.

I totally agree that the bombardment is true. And, it's true as well that the bombardment was to a LTTE training camp. It was not a mistake.

// Do you know that the LTTE actually started because the Sinhala people were killing and raping innnocent tamils several decades ago. \\

Yes, there had been a big discrimination towards Tamils in Sri Lanka several decades ago. You don't have to remind me that, because I know the history of my country very well.

But, don't mis interpreter the history. Killing of Tamil people took place in 1983 Black July which was a complete political campaign. There haven't been any "killing of Tamils" over "many decades" as you try to interpreter, which is the brained washed history to the younger Tamil generation (Born after 1978) by the LTTE.

Raping of Tamil Girls, took place during late 80's, mainly by Indian [peace] army. And there were few occasions, our Army was charged for rape cases as well, but they were punished by the military court hearings.

But, language discriminations in government offices etc were there in this country for decades, which was the main reason why Tamil political parties requested for a federal constitution.

// Tell me did the Sinhalese ever apologise for that \\
// The July 83 riots did you ever apologise for that \\

If you don't know the recent history of this country, read this first.

Read This

A quote from a CBK speech, at the 21st anniversary of Black July.

“Every citizen in this country should collectively accept the blame and make an apology to the tens of thousands who suffered. I would like to assign to myself that task on behalf of the State of Sri Lanka, the government and on behalf of all of us; all the citizens of Sri Lanka to extend that apology.”

Now, if making apologies can turn back the history, we would keep on apologizing. And how about a list of apologies for each suicide bomb blasted in Colombo? An apology for temple of tooth blast?

// But the only reason that the Sinhalese have some respect for the Tamils is because the the LTTE is so powerful. \\\

Oh hell shit! If there's no such a group of shit heads like LTTE, solely consist of Tamils, I would respect much more towards my Tamil colleague just sitting next to me!

I respect him. I respect Theena (Though our ideas are much much different in some cases), I respect my maths teacher Mr. Nagulation. My accounts teacher, Mr. Vasiharan. But, that's not because of the "fear of LTTE will kill me, if I don't respect them".

Shit, Don't even think about it!

You guys take JHU & JVP as the excuse for supporting LTTE. But, have JVP killed one Tamil political leader, even in 88/89? Compare that against the number of Tamil leaders killed by LTTE during last 2 decades starting from Doreiappa to Loganathan. JVP & JHU might be racist. But, they don't kill people going against their beliefs. (JVP did it in the past, but now they are in the democratic stream)

// However the LTTE and GOSL should stop this fighting immediately \\

You end up with showing how much immature you are. Anybody could say, "stop fighting"

shammie.lk said...



Anonymous said...

Those children are innocent. No doubt.
SL Govt killed them. No Doubt.

I also do condemn any civilian deaths in the South caused by the LTTE.

Fact: From July 1983, singhalese were not able to do anything like 'July 83 riot'.
Reason: because the tamils have acquired the military power to strike back. That's the reality.

Some Joker said...

And, Anonymous. you are a LTTE carder. No Doubt!
When are you hoping to blow yourself?

Anonymous said...

To all sinhalese employees/news readers who are working in SIRASA. Please raise your voice against this bloody LTTE biased media.You all have the power to do so. sinhala nation is always killing by sinhalese, isn't it? Please protest these kind of acts and help GOSL to win the game.

Voice_in_Colombo said...

Anonymous @ 1.57 AM,
You don't really have to do this! You are trying to be much more worse than the pro-LTTE Anonymous!
Its not simple as what you think. There's nothing to do with "Sinhalese" and "Tamils" here. I never intended, Sirasa is "racist". All my point is, Sirasa is favoring LTTE. And, if you don't really understand being "racist" and being "LTTE supporter" is completely 2 different scenarios, try to learn more about it. Your comment is with a complete prejudice of "All Tamils are LTTE supporters" and Sinhalese should not support LTTE. But, remember there are lot of Sinhalese supporting LTTE, and lot of Tamils against LTTE. So, it's not about being "Sinhalese" and "Tamil". According to your logic, if Sirasa is completely employed with Tamil people, you are OK with it. All you worry is, Sinhalese people are working for Sirasa. But, what my point is, "being a registered media institution under Sri Lankan law, Sirasa do not have a right to favor an illegal bunch of arm bearers, trying to disrupt the peace of this country"

Just stop looking at "Sinhalese" and "Tamil" spectacles.

I doubt, you are the same Anonymous who supported LTTE earlier, and now posting this comment to drag in "racism" factor in to this.

Anonymous said...

What I want to say is that everyday @ 7p.m. I'm willing to watch Sirasa TV news because as they say its first and fast.They telecast news attractively & they bring out the real story.Most try to say that they help UNP as well as LTTE.(It's for the jeoulsy I think)If they are willing to help UNP It's ok as it is a legal political party in Sri Lanka.I have keenly watched that the government TV channels & radio broadcasts always praise the government & reveal lies to the people.SO STOP WARNING SIRASA NEWS 1ST because it reveals the incidents by using a broad eye!

Anonymous said...

Sirasata puka dena evun puadeeganilla)))
kotinta help karana Sirasata pukama deepalla ponna keriyo tika.
monahari siddi tikak camera korala pennala eth ekkama kotinta support ekata katha karana ekada "broad Eye"eka kiyala kiuve. noddakin ponna keriya, ane huke palayan maha raajage payya katata ganin sirasata puka dena ponnayo okkoma

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