Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ICRC warns of Tamilnet disinformation campaign

Following News Item is taken from Daily News on 16th August 2006

ICRC warns of LTTE disinformation campaign

COLOMBO: The International Committee of the Red Cross yesterday unravelled a ploy by the pro LTTE website TamilNet to make use of the ICRC to add weight to the canard spread by it accusing the SLAF of bombing an LTTE orphanage in Mullaithivu.

In an internal correspondence ICRC information head Davide Vignati has in an Email stated that the LTTE was using a quote by the ICRC made in 1999, where the ICRC deplored a bombing incident carried out in a civilian area in an attempt to give credence to the canard.

Smartly included at the bottom of its latest article he said the 1999 quote conveyed the impression that the ICRC confirmed the killing of the 50 schoolchildren in Mullaithivu. The ICRC correspondence reads as follows:

"Dear all, we would like to draw your attention to the last case of manipulation/disinformation brought about the "50 schoolgirls killed" article by Tamil Net today.

... In September 1999, SLAF jets killed 21 people in a similar daylight raid. Commenting at the time, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said: "We can confirm that 21 civilians were killed consequent to the air strike at Manthuvil junction ... The ICRC deplores the fact that the air strikes were carried out in a civilian area."

This old quote - smartly put at the bottom of the daily article - gave the idea that today ICRC effectively confirmed the killing of 50 schoolchildren in Mullaitivu. Almost all the national media this morning called us to have confirmation of the above-mentioned statement. It's not the first time that Tamil.Net has the impudence to turn to such kind of manipulations.

Therefore, be careful when approached with questions concerning the ongoing conflict situation.
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Anonymous said...

This link below shows you an official press release from UNICEF stating the legitimicy of the Sencholai Illam.Pls try and understand that these are innocent children who were attending a first aid course for their GCSEs Home Science Subject. This may sound like a complete washover, given LTTE's reputation but this one is genuine.

Anonymous said...

sorry wrong link

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