Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Akon Understands Well, and Indi (& few others) Will Continue to Fail Understanding

 "I was not aware that the statue was even on the set of the video until now. I would never set out to offend or desecrate anyone's religion or religious beliefs.  I myself am a spiritual man, so I can understand why they are offended, but violence is never the answer and I am disheartened to hear about what happened yesterday in Sri Lanka." says Akon, in an official response to the recent incidents in Sri Lanka.
The so called "libereal minded" bloggers who commented on my previous post, must answer the question "is it ok for producers of the music video, to use a Buddha statue in the backdrop of that video?". A clear "Yes or No" answer is admired. Akon himself, admits it was wrong, and he admits it has offended the Buddhists.
As I always said, people are "culturaly programmed" and, we have to interpret things in that sense. We don't have an ideal state of "Buddhism" here (or anywhere in the world for that matters). It's funny how people become Buddhist philosophers, when only they need to justify things they like.
All in all, we must appreciate the fact that Akon responded to this with such a good open minded attitude, without ridiculing the feelings of Sri Lankans who protested. It looks like to me, Akon do respect differences we have in our cultures, than some of our own people who brought up in western cultures.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Response to Indi's "Akon, Buddhism And Chilling Out" Post

I tried to post the below comment on Indi's blog post about Akon and Buddhism, but it didn't got posted on his blog due to some reason. I may not be able to follow it up, so I thought of leaving a post on my blog here. This is a response to Indi's following posts.

Did you think about why Madona is hated by many Catholics around the world, and Catholic church go with all guns fired, every time she go for a world tour? Even in Sri Lanka, how many Catholics we find, who hate Madona? Can Madona go to Rome?
You wouldn't say a word about Madona Vs Catholicism debate, as "Catholicism/Christinism" is the idealism in your worldview. You see those as "supreme" and "taken for granted" and look down on Budhism and Islam as "third world, ignorant people's religions". You will say "no I'm not". But, your brain is programmed like that. You see the world, from that point of view only.
Let me ask a question. Did you say a word, when Sri Lanka banned  the movie "Da Vinci Code"? No. Cuz, it was banned due to objections from Colombo Catholics. If, Da Vinci Code was allowed to screen in Sri Lanka, we would have seen much more action than the MTV attack.
Dear Indi! This is not a matter about Bhudists, Mulims or Sri Lankans. It's the basic human nature, no matter what religion they belong to or where they live. You take this (The music video in question) lightly, because it's not contradicting the culture in which you are brought up in. You have to look at it from the eye of the people who are involved in it.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

UNP's Aim in General Election is to Avoid UPFA taking One Third Majority. - Wajira Abewardane

According to him, he has already admitted that UNP cannot win this election. I'm watching the 360 Degrees, political talk show on TV Derana now, and few minutes ago he said that UNP decided to contest alone in this election, to avoid UPFA getting the bonus seats in each district, by letting JVP and smaller parties to claim the bonus seats by gaining more than 5% of votes.
He is saying, after the election UNP will come to an alliance with JVP and smaller parties to form a stronger opposition which can challenge the president and UPFA government.
So, don't be surprised and come up with election rigging stories on 9th April morning. Wajira Abewardane already accepted defeat!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Sri Lanka Be Warned! JVP Trying to Take Us Back to 88/89

Just few days before the presidential election I warned about the bad consequences of a Sarath Fonseka win in that election, and pledged my readers to spread that message as much as possible. I received an overwhelming response to that post, to the extent that I personally received my own article for more than 5 times as a viral email from different senders.

Today also, I’m going to make a similar request from my readers. Repost this, email this to as many as possible, post this link on Facebook and other forums, and pass this message to as many as you can!

The JVP is trying to push back this country to another disastrous era like 1988/89. I’m sure, none of the reasonable citizens of this country would like to see this happens.

There is no doubt that UPFA will record a sweeping victory in upcoming general election. JVP knows that, and UNP knows that. Both these parties now want “excuses” to tell to their supporters, after the election. They have to create evidence for their supporters to believe the false election rigging accusations.

UNP, in contrast to the JVP are less in danger in next election. Even though the UNP is less likely to win the election, they can easily secure the place of main opposition in the parliament. And they know that, the day people (masses) start to dislike UPFA, the only alternative left is UNP. Therefore, for UNP it is a matter of only another 6 years in opposition; but not a problem of total extinction.

On the other hand, the story is different with JVP. They are in the verge of a total extinction from Sri Lanka’s politics. After this election, JVP will become another “Nawa Sama Samaja Party”, where Somawansa and clan will shout out loud but no one is listening. The way JVP has performed in past few elections, it is now very clear that they do not have a strong vote base in Sri Lanka. Likelihood of them getting more than 3 members to next parliament is very little. They know this for sure. And, they are now getting ready for a suicidal mission by “setting fire” on everything that comes in their eye sight.

JVP first tried by contesting as a common opposition with UNP, so that they can be a parasite in UNP vote base to sneak in 20 to 30 MP’s, just like they did with SLFP in 2004. But with the presidential election results, UNP realized that there is no real value for them in forming alliance with JVP. It is highly likely that UNP is going to contest from Elephant symbol this time.

In that case, JVP is now left stranded! “Shall we contest under Elephant? (and give up our clothings)” or “Shall we contest alone (and say welcome to extinction)” are the two options ahead of them.

It is highly unlikely they are going to contest under Elephant. They will try to convince UNP to contest under Swan or under Rabbit. But if UNP don’t agree, they are left with the only choice of contesting under Bell.

If they contest on their own, they will secure three MP’s maximum, looking most optimistically. Therefore, they now have to think of spoiling the whole soup (if I can’t drink enough, let me spoil it!)

The master plan of JVP’s next move is based on igniting violence everywhere. They are best at doing that! They are the masters of violence at universities, at trade unions, at parliament, and everywhere they go. They are arousing people to get into roads and riot against government for different reasons. Latest reason is Fonseka’s arrest. Even if Fonseka wasn’t arrested, JVP would have come up with a different reason to protest. That’s what they are aiming at.

By organizing such a sequence of protest campaigns, they are trying to paint a picture among the international community that there is “public unrest” in Sri Lanka which is not the true case. For example, there were 4.1million people who voted Fonseka in last election. But, are these all 4.1million people approving these riots? No. Only a few hundreds come to roads for these riots. They arouse the police, and make sure a “tear gas treatment” is delivered. Then these pictures will be distributed all over the world, painting a wrong picture about the real situation in Sri Lanka.

When foreigners see these pictures on TV and news, they refuse to come to Sri Lanka as tourists. Ultimately, this affects Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. Isn’t this the same objective of LTTE?

When this type of political unrest is taking place, people get reluctant to invest more in stock exchange. Then the stock exchange figures go down. Isn’t this the same objective of LTTE?

JVP’s politics is totally centered around problems. In a country where there are no problems, they don’t have a reason for existence. So they create problems and make and excuse for their existence. This is the strategy which is JVP is taking now.

JVP did ruined this country in 1971, and in 1989. They are now preparing for the same. Sarath Fonseka has unfortunately become a victim of JVP. The whole master plan is JVP’s.

My pledge to SF Fans

Go by SF's campaign slogan, "Mata Pera Rata" (Country before self)

Think about the country first, and not about your candidate or your ownself, before engaging in any sort of violance encouraged by JVP.

My pledge to those who voted Sarath Fonseka, for reasons other than being a JVP supporter is this. You voted SF for a reason you felt as right. Somehow your candidate lost. I admit, government is overreacting with Fonseka, and I admit that SF should be left alone without any harassment. I personally do not approves the way government arrested SF. It wasn’t transparent. But, I pledge you all to be “calm” an patient. Do not fall into traps laid by JVP. Do not get involved in any of these riots, or protests. It will not do any good for the country or for SF. Supreme Courts will hear the FR petition, and they will give the final verdict if the arrest is legal or not. If SC say it is legal, would you still protest?

Do not get involved in riots and violence. We had enough violence in this country, lead by LTTE and JVP. Now that LTTE is gone, only party to encourage violence in Sri Lanka is JVP. You are free to vote any party in next election. (But UPFA going to win it for sure, and don’t keep high expectations and complain about election rigging after the results are out)

No one will gain by encouraging violence and making Sri Lanka politically unstable. Only the remainder of LTTE and the JVP will benefit! So, if you are a supporter of LTTE or the JVP, please go ahead and join the violence! But, if you are a reasonable citizen, or a supporter of UNP or any other reasonable political party; please try to understand the truth and respect the importance of political stability in this country. Use your vote to speak. Not riots and violence!

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Government Should Leave Fonseka Alone!

If anyone is feeling happy about the arrest of Gen Sarath Fonseka by the military police, I'm sure the majority of such people (if not all) must be LTTE sympothisers who were silenced for last eight months after the death of Prabhakaran. It was just eight months ago we celebrated as a one nation, the glorious victory over the world's most ruthless group of terrorists. We hailed General Fonseka, other comanders of armed forces, president Rajapakshe and secratary of defence as national heroes who did the incredible job of bringing Sri Lanka under a one flag.

But today after eight months, one of the most celebrated heroes in that glorious victory is arrested by the same army he used to lead during war time. Isn't this a tragedy for our nation? Isn't this the last wish of Prabhakaran, to split the forces which lead the war?

It is a real sad feeling I have in my mind about the way things are going forward with this whole "Swan Drama". I thought it is all over, once Fonseka lost the election and realized for himself that politics is not the game for him. But sadly enough, he wasn't allowed to stop at that point. The evil politicians who spoiled him and dragged him into this tragedy should be directly responsible for what has happened to this great soldier.

From the begining of my blogging about the presidential election 2010, I clearly stated that I am against the idea of Sarath Fonseka contesting the election.Even more, I was against the idea of him becoming the president of this country in a government where Mano Ganeshan, R. Sampanthan and Rauf Hakeem (all three are seperatists) holds high degree of power. I clearly stood behind the idea that Mahinda Rajapakshe should get a second term as president, not only because of his achievement in ending the war, but on some other grounds such as being effective as a leader in many other areas.

This is sad! This is really really sad! It sad to see after eight months of a remarkable team work, the same team which achieve the glory is now broken into two pieces by the exact evil forces who pulled from their leg. Never remember that, none of these people; Mano, Hakeem, Mangala, Somawansa supported Sarath Fonseka when he was leading the army in that war. Today, the same evil people have come together and took advantage of personal weaknesses of general Fonseka to convince him to believe that he can be the president. Greed for more power has earned Fonseka this fate.

I'm worried.

What happened to Fonseka, could possibly happen to some others. Most probably in the future, we will see attempts by these people to break up the Rajapakshe brothers. Set one against the others and break their unity. It could happen, who knows?

My View About the Arrest Incident

The government was never fully transparent in the way they dealt with Fonseka after the election. That let more room for opposition to build a bigger fuss among people. In my personal opinion, government should have left Fonseka alone, after the election. They should have left Fonseka to contest the general election too. Because; more he do politics, more he will realize he is not fitting there. Government can easily walk over the next election, without this type of cheap acts of haressing opposition politicians. Opposition is already in enough trouble. They are still not decided whether to contest under Elephant, under Swan or under any other animal. This is far too much! Government had created another chance for opposition to gain public sympathy.

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